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How Often Should You Spray For Termites?

How Often Should You Spray For Termites?

It's an excellent question because it suggests that those asking are concerned about taking care of their property and protecting their home from termites.

Termite Spray

To begin with, termite "spray" is a localized application of topical sprays to termites that are visible. It is not the structural treatment. It doesn't even stop the spread of an infestation. Termite Treatments are used as an organic and structural treatment and are not spray-on.
There are two kinds of sprays that can be used to fight termites. They are repellent and non-repellent. The major distinction between them is that repellent sprays are almost unnoticeable by termites. If repellent sprays are used, even if a tiny spot is missed in an application, termites will be aware of it and profit from it by finding a new entry point.

Termites Are Small But Extremely Powerful Animals

The termites are small but extremely powerful animals that eat 24 hours a day. If they're not kept at bay they could cause severe damage to homes, without an indication. They are believed to be the most destructive and destructive insect species and possess an incredible capacity for reproduction. The queen of the termite can lay an egg every three seconds and can produce over 10 million eggs each year.

Economic Losses By Termites

It is thought that termites cause each year economic losses of over 300 billion dollars in the world as well as more than 100 million dollars within Australia. Although the cost of treating or stopping termites may appear high if they're not treated they can cause a lot more damage over the long term.


Termite Inspections Are Vital For The Security Of Your House And You Must Conduct Them In The Following Circumstances

When you are buying a home The last thing you would like when purchasing the first home is to have it infested by termites and later to spend thousands of dollars on treatment and repairs. Therefore, you should conduct a termite assessment prior to closing the deal with the vendor. If there are any issues the seller should either reduce the cost of the house or eliminate termites prior to buying.

Consider Location

Your location is a major factor in determining how often you should have your home checked for termites. Australia is often considered to be a hot area in terms of termites due to the humid and hot climate that it experiences in all areas of the country for the majority of the time. Australian guidelines suggest that homeowners who live south along the Capricorn Tropic have a qualified pest control specialist examine their property for termites at least once every 12 months.

Install A Perimeter

One of the most effective ways to protect your home from the threat of termites is to install an enclosure for your perimeter built either during construction or following an attack that is designed to stop concealed termite access to homes. The barrier serves as a protection against termite attacks however it is only valid in the event that you continue to maintain the recommended inspections performed by a trained technician.


Call Certified Technician

If you have an established infestation of termites in the homes of your neighbors it is essential for a certified technician to inspect your home in the same way. Termites can travel between 50 and 80 meters from their homes, therefore, just because your neighbor's property is under termite infestation, doesn't mean they've been brought in from inside the property.

Have Routine Visits

The routine visits consist of looking for signs or changes in pest activity, inspecting traps, and putting in the necessary measures to limit the number of pests. When you have regular visits, even when pests do not appear Pest Control  Examinator in Miami is able to examine the infrastructure of your facility and identify new risks associated with pests. Additionally, frequent visits can help keep the cost of pest control low.
For homes to effectively repel common pests, or after you move to a new house or apartment recommend regular pest control treatments on a quarterly basis which is between 2 and 3 months. Each month, treatments for a period of three to six months are advised for more severe infestations. The recommended frequency can change based on various aspects determined by the area and size of the building and weather conditions, the seasons, and the type of insect.

A professional service can allow pests to be dealt with sooner than the homeowner taking care of the controlling of the pests. It is hoped that there is less damage.